Tarrawanna Public School

Safe Respectful Learners

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School Song & Pledge

School Song

In the foothills
Of the Great Range
Where the bellbirds
Of Henry Kendall ring
There is a place
In Tarrawanna
Where we strive to achieve
At each and everything
We go to school there
Obey the rules there
It's a safe and happy
Place to be
Respecting others
Sisters and brothers
One big kind
And caring family
We work and play there
We have our say there
As our teachers guide us
Through each day
And as we journey on
We'll grow up fair and strong
And take pride in ourselves
In each and every way.


I shall pass through this world but once, therfore

any good thing that I can do,

or any kindness that I can show to any human being

let me do it now

let me not defer

nor neglect it

for I shall pass this way again